Weekend Adventures #2 Thankfulness
  • HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I am grateful for all the changes and blessings in the last year, my friends and family. I am thankful for my online community that has actually kept me company many a lonely night in South Carolina.I was getting dressed to go pick up my Mom for our Thanksgiving lunch and remembered I had not posted my blog from last weekend. I made a commitment to myself so here I am.
    Last weekends adventure was not overly exciting, but for me it was the start of new friendships. That IS exciting for me because I have spent a lot of time alone here. Just me and my dog. Reflection is good but sometimes I just cried myself to sleep wondering what I did so wrong and why didn’t I see some of it coming. Wondering why old friends that I would have laid down my life for no longer even wanted to talk to me. Wondering why new people I met seemed distant.
    Well this weekend was a mile stone….I stayed busy all weekend. I enjoyed dinner with two lovely ladies Friday night, and got to enjoy my amazing friend sing and was blown away at her talent. Saturday night I got invited to a friends Thanksgiving dinner and they made me feel at home and welcome. New Friends are awesome, especially when you know they will be around for a while :)!! Sunday I did yoga and had brunch and got invited to a surprise birthday party. That meant a lot. I am so humbled at the people I have met in just a short time living here. God works wonders and I understand that sometimes my plan is not always the best. I have to just move on without questions and know that everything will always be ok.
    I like this Me…I am remembering all the lovely things about myself that I had forgotten for so many years and that I am grateful for!! THANKS FOR READING EVERYONE!! XOXO

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