Root Down to Rise Up
  • On a rainy night exactly a year ago, I left everything for which I had worked so hard. I thought it was an ending, but it was really a beginning.
    I did not realize that I had forgotten EVERYTHING that was important to me:
    How much I love yoga;
    How much I love family;
    How much I love horses;
    How much I love being outside.

    I sacrificed a lot for what I thought was my dream.

    I remember having a conversation with a friend, saying I just want to remember what happy feels like. Happy for no reason. Not because of a good date, a good dance, good food, good sex…just HAPPY. Peace. I could not even remember that. What did it feel like?

    I was driving home tonight from my moms house and I felt HAPPY, for no reason. Just singing along with the radio…happy.

    I do yoga now.
    I spend more time with family.
    I get to play with horses.
    I hike and go camping, and just take walks.
    I am living my dream, because I am living in the now.
    I am present. I am enough. I am love.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have dark days and sometimes wonder why I am here in this South Carolina town. Then I remind myself it is to remember who I am, so I can BE.

    My yoga teacher and friend ALWAYS says the saying “root down to rise up.” I am putting my roots down, so I can RISE up…and show the world a thing or two. Show the world ME, because that is the greatest gift I can give.

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    November 1st, 2012 | admin | 5 Comments |

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  • Lisa 11.01.2012

    Lovely, Molly! xoxo

  • Thank you so much Lisa!!

  • Great work Molly, love the energy and feeling the vibe…

  • Thank you so much Smurf….means a lot 🙂 xoxo

  • I love it! Very inspirational I love dogs and i very much love my family and my new friends so that being said, I love ya Molly!! 🙂

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